WindLake advisors have extensive experience assisting companies in securing private equity, subordinated debt, private company bond placements, as well as term loan, cash flow and asset-based financing facilities. We work with you to select the capital structure that will enable you to capitalize on your unique competitive strengths and market opportunities, and then take the necessary steps to arrange the financing you desire.

Debt Capital

WindLake provides access to creative structures incorporating the following:

Unleashing Resources. There are many creative ways to add availability to your balance sheet by simply getting more out of the assets and cash flow you already have! WindLake's customized approach will demonstrate clearly where you are today, and where you could be, by employing a more disciplined and creative approach to business financing.

Equity Capital

An equity infusion into an existing business can be an important source of capital for the growth-oriented enterprise. In circumstances where additional equity capital is desired, it is important to be extremely selective. In most cases, it is critical to seek an equity sponsor that can provide incremental value over and above the equity capital provided.

WindLake assists you in identifying and evaluating the best sources of equity capital for your business, consistent with your overall goals and objectives. Equity capital may be used to:

Choosing the Best. There are many sources of equity capital available to you. WindLake partners with you to choose the best equity sponsor to satisfy your unique needs and concerns.

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